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Why You Should Never Accept Counter-offers

Navigating the Job Hunt: Why You Should Never Accept Counteroffers

A scenario that we sometimes see as recruiters, is the counteroffer from a current employer when a candidate has secured a new job. Whilst the...
The Job Hunt Doesn’t Have To Be Scary: Our Top Tips For Job Search Success

The Job Hunt Doesn’t Have To Be Scary: Our Top Tips For Job Search Success

Whether you’re a budding graduate or a seasoned professional with decades of experience under you belt, the job hunt can be daunting for anyone. But...
Underrepresentation of women in corporate security

Breaking Barriers: The Ongoing Struggle for Gender Diversity in Corporate Security

In recent years, women have made significant strides in numerous professional domains, however with only 11% of the corporate security workforce being female (Security Magazine,...
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Exploring the age-old question: How Long Should You Stay in a Job?

In today's fast-paced job market, the concept of remaining with one employer for the entirety of your career has become a rarity. With professionals prioritising...
transferring your intelligence service skills to the private sector

Transferring Your Intelligence Service Skills to the Private Sector

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a growing number of former intelligence service personnel find new opportunities within the private sector. Believe it or not,...

Welcome to the enteles Search website

Welcome to the enteles Search blog! Our intention is to create a true community amongst our clients and candidates. A place where you can ask...
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One year down, many more to go…

It’s a big day here at enteles Search, as we are celebrating our first anniversary! One year in and we’ve not broken it, yet…! It’s...

#TwoMinuteTuesdays – Competency based interviews.

This week's #TwoMinuteTuesday takes a look at how you can maximise your time in a competency-based interview.    

#TwoMinuteTuesdays – Positivity

In the midst of everything that's happened over the past few months, we wanted to take the time to remind everyone just how important and...
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Getting video interviews right! 

It’s fair to say that since Covid-19 arrived, doing a video interview has gone from something you’d do as a last resort, to the way most...
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‘enteles Talks’ with Peter Driscoll

We are really excited to launch a series of short podcasts that are we calling 'enteles talks'. We will be talking with a range of...
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What is the ‘New World Norm’?

For this video blog we partnered with Tim Moore, to talk about the 'New World Norm' and what this looked like for the recruitment world!
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