One year down, many more to go…

It’s a big day here at enteles Search, as we are celebrating our first anniversary! One year in and we’ve not broken it, yet…!

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster year, but even through the pandemic there have been more ups than downs for sure. We have made some classic entrepreneurial recruitment mistakes – signed up to year-long contracts on dubious tech, taking on business that deep down, we knew we would struggle to fill with an uncommitted client that just wanted to see what we could conjure up. All the usual stuff I guess, but done in a very unusual time.

We have completed searches in 13 countries, at all levels – from Mexico to Cote’ D’Ivoire through to Hong Kong, and worked with some of the world’s biggest businesses. We have grown our team with incredible advisors such as Neil Fletcher and built wonderful partnerships with amazing professionals such as Victoria McLean at City CV (that has seen literally hundreds of candidates receive free advice on how to write a CV, develop an effective LinkedIn profile and change their lives for the better) and James Osborne and Gordon Stoddart at The Recruitment Network.

We have built a contract business, partnered with Pulse Conferences, joined the advisory board at the ACI and continue to dedicate at least 8 hours a week of our time in helping candidates build for their futures. Our slightly cheesy briefing videos have also gone down a storm, helping our candidates get a deeper understanding of the role before they even call us.

But over and above this, we have refused to ‘make do’. We take pride in imploring our clients (and candidates too!) to not do what they have always done.  We continue to take the time to explain the advantages of diverse hiring and not just returning to the same ‘well’ that companies always done.  Through it all we’ve have received nothing but positive comments from across the sector (well maybe with a few exceptions!) and we will always take pride in pushing the envelope and if we stumble a little, that’s ok.

Here’s to year two and beyond… Hopefully we won’t break it anytime soon!

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