enteles Search is the market leader in placing intelligence and analytical professionals for organisations across the globe. Whether you are looking to hire permanent staff, embed an experienced third party analyst in your existing team or identify a short-term contract resource, we will be able to draw on our deep experience in placing intelligence professionals. 


We are the go-to resource for the best and the brightest when they are looking for new opportunities.  We work closely with SMEs covering geopolitics, business intelligence, activism and issues management, security incidents, environmental threat, social media monitoring , and travel security.  Whether you have an interest in candidates come from the military, police, intelligence services, or from an academic background we have the access you need. 

We have experience placing intelligence professionals ranging from entry-level Analysts to Global Heads across a range of sectors including energy, manufacturing, retail, food & drink, financial services, aviation, pharmaceutical, media, and consultancy. 

We spend significant time networking in the field, and regularly present at intelligence conferences internationally.

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