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James Butler has been working within the corporate security and investigative executive search space for 17 years, placing both local and expatriate security professionals into organisations spread across 40 countries. Before founding enteles Search with Chris Meager, James held various leadership roles with several security recruitment companies, where he led their security search businesses across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the Asia Pacific region. James is passionate about the subject of diversity, actively encouraging his clients to embrace a more diverse and inclusive approach to their recruitment processes.

James is an active member of the Security Institute, ASIS and The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, James also holds membership of APSCo, the leading industry body for the Executive Search profession.

James can be reached on, +44 20 3884 2303 or connect via LinkedIn.


Chris Meager has spent twenty-two years working within the security profession, which has seen him work on CSO level searches for some of the largest multinationals in the world and place people in over 45 countries. Chris regularly speaks at industry events both in Europe and the US, on subjects ranging from Diversity & Inclusion, through to how a business’ culture can affect a CSO and the security management function. He has worked with companies to help them increase the diversity of their security and resilience functions, successfully targeting diverse candidates for roles ranging from CSO, to Regional Security Directors, and niche SMEs in intelligence and investigations.

Chris holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Security Management from Leicester University and is a member of ASIS International, the Security Institute and the Association of International Risk Intelligence Professionals. Chris also holds membership of APSCo, the leading industry body for the Executive Search profession and has the Certificate in Recruitment Practice from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

Chris can be reached on, +44 20 3884 2306 or connect via LinkedIn.

Recruitment Consultants


Declan Yon-Prince is a seasoned recruiter, with a background in Data and Analytics recruitment, servicing clients all across mainland Europe and UK. Working with a wide range of clients, from budding startups to large enterprises.

He has always advocated for training and development and has held people management roles for the past decade. From his sales management roles, leading teams for various multinational clients within telecoms, non-profit and energy sectors.

In his spare time, Declan shares a passion for the martial arts. He has dedicated the last two years to honing his skills in Muay Thai and Jiujitsu.

Declan can be reached on 20 3744 0845 or connect via LinkedIn.

gavin sakaya

Gavin Sakaya is a Tanzanian national and studied all over the world including North America and the Middle East. Moved to the UK where he completed his Management Studies degree and graduated with a 1st class from the University of Leicester. Alongside completing his studies, Gavin accumulated over two years’ worth of work experience within the management consulting and research analyst space. Not only did he lead the business logic case project for the University formula racing team but he also completed an internship with world-renowned financial consulting firm Deloitte – including spending a year consulting for a small medium enterprise as part of his final year project dissertation.

Enthusiastic about long-term business and strategic development, Gavin believes that SME’s are integral to the sustainability and economic success of the local communities in which they reside in – therefore it is of the upmost importance that they are supported. He understands that business development is key to keeping these enterprises afloat and consequently ensuring the economic stability of its local community.

Gavin is experienced in producing managerial strategic roadmaps as well as designing, developing and delivering operational intervention plans using investigative internal and external research.

Gavin can be reached on, +44 20 8126 1432 or connect via LinkedIn.

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Zainab Oshua, is a Nigerian native who grew up in the vibrant country of Ireland. Despite her initial interest in pursuing a career in nutrition, her career journey took a turn when she discovered a passion for connecting people and opportunities.

From humble beginnings in door-to-door sales, Zainab honed her sales acumen and quickly transitioned into the dynamic world of tech sales. Drawn by the rapid pace and innovative spirit of the tech industry, she found herself captivated by the endless possibilities it offered.

In 2023, Zainab took a bold step into the realm of tech recruitment, driven by a desire to leverage her sales expertise and interpersonal skills to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

As she continues to carve her path within the security recruitment space, she remains committed to empowering individuals and organisations to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape.

Zainab can be reached on, +44 20 4552 2705 or connect via LinkedIn.

Marketing Manager

marketing manager

Bethan Thomas is a Welsh national, who discovered her passion for marketing after taking an interest in consumer advertising. Fascinated by its ability to influence people’s perceptions and behaviours through creative messaging and strategic campaigns, she decided upon a career in Marketing. Whilst studying Marketing at the University of Brighton, she wasted no time in volunteering for a number of marketing positions within the FMCG and Non-profit sectors, to gain hands-on industry experience.

Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, she embarked on her Marketing career within the beauty sector, as a Social Media Executive for a beauty therapy manufacturing company. It wasn’t until 2021, where Bethan found her true calling as a Recruitment Marketer where she worked for one of the fastest growing companies in Wales. In less than two years at the company, she was awarded three promotions to reflect her contribution.

In a bid to maximise her career potential, Bethan moved to London in 2023 where she joined the team at enteles Search. She is now an Associate level member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and strives to expand her industry knowledge, dedicating her spare time to continuing her professional development within the recruitment marketing space.

Bethan can be reached on or connect via LinkedIn.

Kent Bickmore

Regional Security Director EMEAI & APAC

"James Butler & Chris Meager are two of the most prominent security recruitment professionals in this niche field and it is always a pleasure to see how they proactively attend and network at various global security events to remain updated on the evolving security landscape and subsequent global recruitment requirement."

Ryan Long

Head of Global Intelligence, McDonald’s Corporation

"Chris is a true professional and it was an absolute pleasure to work with him…I am confident in saying Chris is "best-in-class" at what he does"

Ajay Kang

Head of Corporate Security at Royal DSM

"He did an amazing job… Highly recommended."

Andy Carmichael

Operations Manager – Excellentia Global

“I've known James for several years and I would have no reservation in recommending him as a point of contact for anyone looking for their next role within the security industry. Whatever your career level, there are very few recruiters or headhunters with his knowledge and experience of the industry globally. That coupled with his personable approach, really does set him apart from his peers”.

Dawn Holmes

Group Head of Security at GVC

"You are not just a name put to the employer, Chris works to understand the applicant: his knowledge of the individual’s abilities and career goals means the roles put forward are relevant, ensuring no wasted time for the applicant or the employers."

Max Hirsch

Director of Security, AsiaPac – Aptiv Plc

“James is a tenacious, effective recruiter who has a knack for matching up the right people with the right companies (and vice versa!). Good people skills, a high EQ, and a deep familiarity with the security and investigations industry”

Guillermo Gaspoz

Global Security Expert at Royal DSM

"No doubts that Chris is a champion in his field and a go-to person for companies seeking to fill security positions. Truly remarkable."

Kate Fitzpatrick

Corporate Security Analyst, Trans Adriatic Pipeline

"Well, what can I say! As a recruiter, one of the best I have ever dealt with. Extremely professional, from start to finish."

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