Getting video interviews right! 

It’s fair to say that since Covid-19 arrived, doing a video interview has gone from something you’d do as a last resort, to the way most job interviews are now taking place.  Over the last couple of months, we’ve had people go through a multi-stage interview process all by video and start their new role, without having actually ever met their new colleagues face-to-face!  

With a new normal upon us, there is likely to be many changes to the way a company recruits in the future and we see video interviews as being very much ‘here to stay’, so you had better get used to it! 

We have combined our experience in executive search and our understanding of emerging trends in recruiting technology, to bring together some tips and tricks that will help you make the most of any employment opportunity which may come your way. 

Make sure you are presentable.

You may not need to be quite as smart as you would be if you were having a face to face meeting in their office, but make sure you dress up a bit for the occasion.  For men, a suit and tie may be a step too far, but a t-shirt is probably not far enough.  Find a happy medium and if you have any questions, lean on your recruiter for the low down on how to dress for that specific company. 

Make your bed!

Literally if necessarily, but almost certainly figuratively. You want the visible space behind you to be clean, neat and tidy.  This will not only serve to limit distractions and allow the interview panel to fully focus on you, but will also make a much better first impression of your character and values. 

Check the tech.

Make sure you download the appropriate video conferencing software in advance of the call and be sure to check the audio and video prior to your conversation.  There’s nothing worse than a last-minute technology failure to put everyone on the back-foot. The mute button can be your friend or enemy, monitor it accordingly!

Remember, you’re on camera. 

Try to treat this like you were in the room with the interviewer. That way, you’ll always have your attention on engaging with that person, as well as reducing the chance of getting distracted by what’s around you. 

The same rules apply.

You may be talking to someone remotely, but it’s still an interview and you still need to approach it in the same way you would if you were in the same room as the panel.  Do your research beforehand, be enthusiastic and talk with genuine passion about your niche. Show how much you love what you do and how you’d love to do it for the company who is interviewing you.

Do that, and you’re setting yourself up for success 

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