Context is King

Context – simply put, the setting of a word or event. This one word can solve a lot of frustrations in a candidates’ job search.

During a conversation, we don’t just blurt out a random statement that bears no relevance to the conversation, do we? Usually we would take the time to understand what the other person is saying and then play our part in the conversation, by offering an appropriate response.

Why then, when people apply for roles, do they send a generic ‘catch-all’ CV in the hope that the hiring party will take the time to hunt through the document and find what they are looking for? (Blog spoiler alert, they probably won’t try).

Let me set the scene. The world of corporate security and investigations has historically consisted of individuals that have already had a full career in the public sector, before transitioning into the private sector. Sometimes the hiring party will be from a similar agency and know exactly what individuals from that space are capable of.  There will be no need for the applicant to amend the wording of their CV, remove irrelevant acronyms or tailor their profile towards the role.

Well, the game is changing and that is good and bad news (and good news again) for you. The good news is that there are more roles out there than ever, as organisations build out larger functions and recognise the risk that exists to their businesses, both from an internal and external perspective. The profession benefits from some incredible thought leaders, who have built amazing teams amidst the most testing of circumstances.

The bad news is that competition is greater than ever, with people now leaving their ‘first’ careers after 10 or 15 years and wanting the personal, professional and financial benefits a corporate life can bring. So, how you do make yourself heard, in what is the noisiest marketplace that we have seen in 15 years?

Back to the good news, it’s easy – but social media and an ‘easy apply’ button on Linkedin has made people complacent. I can apply for 20 recruitment jobs today with no more than 20 clicks of my left mouse button and when I am roundly ignored, I can tell my wife “it’s not me, it’s them. I applied for 20 jobs today, but no-one has even called me”.

But let’s have a reality check. That’s 20 companies, 20 cultures, 20 sets of problems and 20 potential bosses. You see my point?

Less is more. Apply for less roles and get more interviews. Let’s not be busy fools. I think we all agree that bespoke clothes are much more impressive than those pulled straight off the shelf, but strike a balance – maybe get those trousers taken up and the jacket sleeves shortened?

We are always happy to help with that tailoring, so if you wanted to sanity check an application before you push ‘send’, give us a call and we will happily help out.

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